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The website is edited by THE WATCH OBSERVER.

THE WATCH OBSERVER is a limited company registered to the RCS of Paris under the number 521 184 614, with a capital stock of 65.000 Euros and which head office is located on 99, rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin – 75010 Paris – France.

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The following conditions of use define the working rules of and describe the conditions according to which (we) offers the access to its services. gives you access to its website ( and to the information contained in it as far as you accept, without any reserve, the conditions mentioned in the hereby page.
The access to the website, its using and consultation of the mentioned information, automatically and without reserve imply that you accept the integrality of the Conditions of Use developed hereinafter.


1.    Intellectual property

The use of the website of the company THE WATCH OBSERVER does not confer the user any rights. Only a strictly personal use is allowed.

This website and the whole elements that compound it such as the domain names, the brands, the general structure, the texts, the graphics, the pictures, the databases, the website arborescence, the logos, the visual style guidelines, the photographs, the iconography and the other elements reproduced on the web site are the exclusive property of THE WATCH OBSERVER without regard for the fact that the mentioned element can or cannot be protected regarding the actual legislation with a copyright or any other ways, except from the elements emanating from the society THE WATCH OBSERVER.

The protection of the website and its elements are under the responsibility of the national and international legislations that are relative to the copyright law.
From then on, any reproduction and/or representation and/or redistributing, in whole or parts, on every electronic support or not, in the present or the future, are forbidden except with a written prior authorization and expressly issued by THE WATCH OBSERVER (to contact us: contact(at)

Anyone violating this banning, engage its criminal and civil responsibility and can be sued, notably on the basis of counterfeit.

The information databases are also protected under the law of the 1st July 1998.
Thus, any extraction or attempt of extraction, total or partial, is susceptible to engage the civil and criminal responsibility of any violator.


2.   Copyrights

The website and other publications of THE WATCH OBSERVER are protected by the dispositions of the code of the intellectual property, notably those which are related to the literary and artistic properties and to the brands law.

These rights are the exclusive properties of THE WATCH OBSERVER.

We remind you that every networking or red broadcast non-authorized by THE WATCH OBSERVER or its legal claimant, is strictly prohibited (to contact us: contact(at)


3.   The working of the website

3.1.     the access to the website is free
3.2.     the use of the function comments on the website is free.
3.3.     putting an online classified ads on the website is chargeable for the Professionals and free for the Particulars. In either way, it requires a signing procedure.


4.   Reliability of the information on the website

4.1.      the present website has been developed with great care. This website is an informative website and its vocation is to evolve permanently. cannot be hold responsible for the damages that could be directly or indirectly caused by the use of this website.
4.2.     in our own sections (for instance, the section Tests), we inform you in a totally free way. This information is provided only as a rough guide and we cannot guarantee their reliability, sufficiency and/or pertinence.
4.3.     in the other section which contains emanate from the users (for example, comments or the contents of the Classified Ads), is not responsible of what is being said on its website and cannot be, in any way, hold responsible for the damages that could be directly or indirectly caused by the use of the website.
4.4.     the price indicated for the new watches on the website is purely indicative and is available only in France. We advise you to confirm these prices with your dealer.
4.5. declines any responsibility regarding the damages that can result of the use of the information on its website.


5.   Links and references

5.1. can contain hyperlinks to other websites as well as references to other sources of information. These links and sources of information are at your disposal for indicative use only. does not control these websites and the information they present, and hence cannot offer any guarantee regarding the quality and/or the sufficient character of this information. 
5.2. cannot, in any case, be hold responsible of the content of external websites that establish hyperlinks towards or towards the site has established a link. declines any responsibility for the damages that can result from the access of the information on the other website or other source of information in general, to which refers to. 
5.3.      if you wish to create from your website a hyperlink towards, we invite you to contact us in the first place (to contact us: contact(at) : we will inform you as soon as possible of the eligibility of your request.


6.   General conditions of Classified Ad’s diffusion 

6.1.      Acceptance of the diffusion’s general terms
6.1.1. the diffusion of a Classified Ad (Ad) on the website edited by the company THE WATCH OBSERVER, implies for the advertiser, the acceptance without reserve of the present diffusion’s general terms with the exclusion of other conditions or contrary to the co-contracting of THE WATCH OBSERVER, inserted in their information document, letters, contracts, etc., received or to be received and of every professional use in contradiction to this one, which conditions will be considered as non-evocable to THE WATCH OBSERVER.
6.1.2. every addition, deletion, modification or removal on this document should be, in order to be opposable to THE WATCH OBSERVER, countersigned by the WATCH OBSERVER.
6.1.3. the fact that THE WATCH OBSERVER does not prevail itself at a particular moment of any if the previous general conditions of Classified Ad’s diffusion cannot be understood as a release to be prevailed lately.

6.2.     Diffusion
6.2.1. the advertiser recognizes to be the sole and exclusive author of the Ad. In the absence thereof, he declares disposing of every necessary rights and authorizations for the publication of the Ad.
6.2.2. the Ad is diffused under the exclusive responsibility of the advertiser
6.2.3. the advertiser certifies that the Ad is conformed to the whole legal and regulatory dispositions and respects the rights of the third party. Thereof, the advertiser relieves THE WATCH OBSERVER, its contractors and suppliers of any responsibility, and guarantees them against any condemnations, judicial and extrajudicial fees that could result of any appeal in relation with the diffusion of the Ad and indemnifies them for any damage resulting of the violation of the present disposition.
6.2.4. without any damage of the application of the previous clause, and without creating at his charge an obligation to check the contain, the exactness or the coherence of the Ad, THE WATCH OBSERVER reserves the right to annul at any moment an Ad for any legitimate motive, and notably elements of the text (words, expressions, sentences…etc) that would seem contrary to the legal or regulatory dispositions, the morals, the spirit of the editorial, or likely to trouble or offend the readers. Such a refusal does not give the advertiser any right to compensation.

6.3.     Limitation of liability
6.3.1. except willful representation or heavy mistake, its contractors and suppliers will not be, under no circumstances, asked for financial or in kind compensation because of mistakes or omissions in the composition or the translation of an Ad, or a default of publication, no matter of what kind. In particular, such events would not be able to allow compensation in any kind.
6.3.2. neither the advertiser nor THE WATCH OBSERVER, its contractors and suppliers can be hold responsible for any delay, non-performance or other breach of trust for these reasons that (1) would result, directly or indirectly, of an unreasonable uncontrolled event and (2) would not have been avoided with precaution measures, replacement solutions or other commercially reasonable means.
6.3.3. neither the advertiser nor THE WATCH OBSERVER, its contractors and suppliers can be hold responsible for the delays or the impossibilities to fulfill the contractual obligations, linked to material destructions, to computer’s attacks or hacking, to deprivation, to suppression or banning, temporary or definitive, and for any reasons, - including failures or unavailability inherent to the server – to access the internet network.
6.3.4. THE WATCH OBSERVER allows itself to suspend or stop the diffusion of the website without being obliged to give the advertiser a compensation of any kind.
6.3.5. To be receivable, any claim should be transmitted through regular mail or electronic mail within 48 hours since the date of diffusion on


7.   Protection of Personal Data 

The information that the company THE WATCH OBSERVER is lead to gather comes from :

  • either from the willingly subscription of an email address from you, allowing you to receive our newsletter
  • or from the complete data capture from you during one event. 

This information allows the company THE WATCH OBSERVER to now you better. In addition, they can be used to inform you of the existence of our products and services as well as our partner’s to which THE WATCH OBSERVER is contractually linked.

In accordance with the law called ‘Computing and Freedom’ of the 6th January 1978, the personal data gathered by the company THE WATCH OBSERVER have been declared to the CNIL, under the number 1426758.

In accordance with the law called ‘Computing and Freedom’ of the 6th January 1978 modified in 2004, you are granted a right of access and correction regarding your personal data, by writing to The Watch Observer - 99 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin 75010 Paris - France.


8.   Cookies

The company THE WATCH OBSERVER informs you that a cookie is put inside your computer when you surf on its website. A cookie does not allow identifying you. Generally speaking, it registers the information linked to your computer’s surfing on our website (the pages you have looked, the date and time of access, etc) that we will be able to read when you access again the website. Its sole aim is to set a counting of the number of visitors and if possibly to limit the number of delivery of an advertising banner to the same user. The length of conservation of this data is of one year. We inform you that you can oppose yourself to the registration of the “cookies” by inactivating this option in your browser’s settings.


9.   Moderation

The comments of articles published on the website by the users only express the author’s personal opinion and engage their responsibility.

The company THE WATCH OBSERVER cannot be hold responsible for the contain of these messages that it did not write.

The company THE WATCH OBSERVER strives nevertheless, as far as possible, to delete all reprehensible messages or those that are not conformed to the regulatory rule of an open and constructive debate or to the editor’s line, as fast as possible.

By writing a comment on the website, you commit yourself not to submit potentially illicit, slanderous, injurious, obscene, discriminatory, threatening contains, or other message that would violate the enforceable French and international laws.

The company THE WATCH OBSERVER reserves itself the possibility to exclude, immediately and without any notice, in a temporary or definitive way, every user who does not respect these rules.

The IP address of each message is registered in order to enforce these conditions. You authorize the company THE WATCH OBSERVER to moderate, modify, move or delete your message, no matter the reason or the modality.


10.  Liability

THE WATCH OBSERVER declines any responsibility:

10.1.  in case of any interruption of the for technical maintenance operations or actualization of published information,
10.2.  in case of momentarily impossibility to access (and/or the sites linked to it) because of technical problems, no matter the origins and the sources,
10.3.  in case of direct or indirect damages caused by the user, no matter the kind, resulting from the contain, the access or the using of (and/or the sites that are linked),
10.4.  in case of abnormal use or illicit exploitation of The user is then the sole responsible of the damages caused to the third party and of the consequences, reclamations and actions that can follow. The user gives also up his right to appeal against THE WATCH OBSERVER in case of proceedings requested by a third party against him because of the use and/or the illicit exploitation of the website,
10.5.  in case of loss by the member of of its username and/or its password or in case of impersonation.