Classified Ads Rules

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Thank you.


The Watch Observer makes available to the user’s a space where they can publish watch making Classified Ads.
Please acquaint yourself with these rules before publishing your Classified Ads.
The Watch Observer’s management reserves, in every eventuality, the right to block without advance notice or justification every Classified Ad that would not be conventional to these following rules.


1- This space is solely dedicated to the sale of “watch making products”: watches, pendulums and their accessories (straps, buckles, watch makers equipment, watch makers books and works, etc…)
The Watch Observer’s management reserves the right to delete every Classified Ad for a product that she does not consider as a “watch making product”.

2- For the Particulars : there is a limit of 3 Classified Ads per week.

3- Once your Classified Ad is published, you can eather delete it or change its status.

Our advice:

- Have a good second read before putting the Ad online. In order to help you, a link “Visualize your ad” allows you to confirm that the Ad is conformed to your expectations and then agree, or, if need be, correct it and visualize it again before putting it online.

- If your watch is sold (or booked) and you would like to change the status in order to inform the users : go to “My account” and then click on “Modify my Ads”. You will thus access the Ads you have published and change the status. For example, from: “Selling” to “Sold”.

4- The photos are mandatory and have to be those of the watch being sold (the technical specifications are specified on the data input mask).

5- The publication of Ads related to the sale of counterfeit is strictly prohibited. It puts the seller to the risk of an immediate, definitive and unnoticed blocking of its right to publish Ads on this site.

6- The Watch Observer is not responsible for the content of the Ads published on its site and does not guarantee neither the authenticity nor the good working of the products for sale.


Please read also the Private Policy / Copyright Policy. Thank you.