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Montre Panerai Radiomir California PAM 424
By Sébastien Bey-Haut - March 4, 2013
Editor's opinion
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Let’s examine a Panerai watch that attracted a lot of attention at the 2012 SIHH because of its similarities - as well as its differences - with the legendary Panerai Radiomir California PAM 249...

Reach the Panerai Area
Retail price France at March 4, 2013 :
6,300.00 €
Jaeger-LeCoultre Duomètre à Quantième Lunaire Ref. 604 25 21
By Sébastien Bey-Haut - October 25, 2012
Editor's opinion
Users' rating

In 2012, Jaeger-LeCoultre gave us a new version of its Duomètre à Quantième Lunaire, a watch with unusual engineering entirely dedicated to chronometric accuracy. Discover our review and wach gallery.

Reach the Jaeger-LeCoultre Area
Retail price France at October 25, 2012 :
29,000.00 €
Sea Hawk Pro 1000
By Florian Matrion - January 10, 2012
Editor's opinion
Users' rating

The Watch Observer has tested for you the Sea Hawk Pro 1000, an oversized technical block of steel and rubber, sculpted by Girard-Perregaux to confront abyssal depths. Here's our review.

Reach the Girard-Perregaux Area
Retail price France at January 10, 2012 :
7,950.00 €
Admiral's Cup Seafender 46 Chrono Dive
By Florian Matrion - December 5, 2011
Editor's opinion
Users' rating

The world of diver's watches is a prized playing ground for all watch designers. The Admiral's Cup Seafender tested today is a perfect illustration of this emblematic range of products from Corum.

Reach the Corum Area
Retail price France at December 5, 2011 :
7,750.00 €
Aquatimer Chronographe Cousteau
By Florian Matrion - October 20, 2011
Editor's opinion
Users' rating

As the fifth tribute from IWC to J.Y. Cousteau, this new Aquatimer chronograph celebrates the Commander's 100th birthday. It's an elegant diving watch, tested for you by The Watch Observer.

Reach the IWC Area
Retail price France at October 20, 2011 :
5,150.00 €
U1000 - EZM6
By Florian Matrion - October 10, 2011
Editor's opinion
Users' rating

The Sinn U1000 comes out from the depths to visit the offices of TWO. The Frankfurt firm has put all of its know-how into an extreme diver's chronograph that is both technical and practical. Review.

Reach the Sinn Area
Retail price France at October 10, 2011 :
3,060.00 €
BR02-94 Carbon
By Florian Matrion - October 4, 2011
Editor's opinion
Users' rating

As the spearhead for Bell & Ross' line of diving watches, the BR02 is without question the French brand's most technically-advanced watch. Let's review this unusual diver's watch, the BR02-94 Carbon.

Reach the Bell & Ross Area
Retail price France at October 4, 2011 :
4,100.00 €
Seamaster 300 M Chronometer
By Florian Matrion - September 26, 2011
Editor's opinion
Users' rating

If you ask an enlightened connoisseur which sports watch you should buy with a limited budget, the Seamaster 300 M will most likely be on the short-list of recommendations. Let's review this icon.

Reach the Omega Area
Retail price France at September 26, 2011 :
2,800.00 €
Chronographe GMT GrandeVitesse
By Florian Matrion - September 21, 2011
Editor's opinion
Users' rating

Let's review a watch conceived to measure record-breaking land speeds thanks to an unusual tachometer scale! TWO has tested for you the Chronograph GMT GrandeVitesse. Without rushing. Review.

Reach the Longines Area
Retail price France at September 21, 2011 :
2,250.00 €
AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT
By Florian Matrion - August 29, 2011
Editor's opinion
Users' rating

The 3rd release from the partnership between JLC and Aston Martin, the AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT raises the bar pretty high from a watchmaking perspective. TWO has investigated this new watch for you!

Reach the Jaeger-LeCoultre Area
Retail price France at August 29, 2011 :
68,000.00 €
Radiomir California PAM 249
By Florian Matrion - August 18, 2011
Editor's opinion
Users' rating

With the new 2011 releases not yet available, here is, in the meantime, our review of a Panerai icon released in 2006 but still high on many connoisseurs' wish list: the Radiomir "California" 249.

Reach the Panerai Area
Retail price France at August 18, 2011 :
5,800.00 €
Heritage Chrono
By Florian Matrion - August 2, 2011
Editor's opinion
Users' rating

Review of a chronograph with a strong personality: its design, colors, density, and history set it apart from the rest. The Watch Observer has tested the Tudor Heritage Chrono for you. Review.

Reach the Tudor Area
Retail price France at August 2, 2011 :
3,070.00 €
Superocean Nouvelle Vague
By Florian Matrion - July 26, 2011
Editor's opinion
Users' rating

While the Breitling brand is usually associated with the world of aviation, it doesn't  mean that it neglects the diving community! TWO has tested for you the Superocean Nouvelle Vague. Review.

Reach the Breitling Area
Retail price France at July 26, 2011 :
2,200.00 €
Scuba 200 Sumo SBDC003
By Florian Matrion - July 11, 2011
Editor's opinion
Users' rating

A GREAT LOW PRICE! A bestseller from the Japanese brand, the Sumo is one of those iconic watches often considered by connoisseurs to be a "must have". TWO has tested it for you.

Reach the Seiko Area
Retail price France at July 11, 2011 :
599.00 €